1. Shadow demons [search] are transported from one point to another by three people—not one, not two, and not four. Three. During transport, the three people travel in a straight line, one behind the other, usually, riding skateboards or bicycles, or driving cars. The man in the middle is the shadow demon’s carrier; only one demon can be carried at a time(?). The middle man unloads the demon by positioning himself in close proximity to the building, etc., that is the intended destination (mere inches). Shadow demons call the group of three their entourage; the relationship between the three: drama partners.
  2. Voices demons call their cadre of indentured servants of the demonic kind, Oompa Loompas. The difference between an involuntary slave and a free demon is usually size, being nearly always troll-sized [see Green troll, hiding in utensil holder], and rarely human-sized, such as the one shown in the glare of a lamp in Why do demons’ cloaks sometimes fail?, who happens to partner with (or own) Voices Demons. The existence of enslaved demons was first introduced on this blog in SCIENCE | Why some demons wear clothes; why others go naked, which surmised that an entire race of naked demons who would otherwise benefit from clothing is likely a slave race: 

They may not be allowed to wear clothes. Certain demonic races have been subjugated to others, and are not allowed clothes, or are simply not told about them, or simply cannot afford them. On that note: a demon has no shame when it comes to nudity; they will show you whatever, whenever. Shame of your nakedness, then, is purely a human trait.

  1. The reason why some demons worship Death (aka Tuzzo, the Demon of Death) is because Death is the greatest power available to them in this Universe, and is considered the undefeatable tool of conquest and victory in war; however, the ultimate power, and the One who will conquer Death, disagrees [1 Cor. 15:26].
  2. There are no such things as psychic powers, as they are defined by an ability to see places and times at which a given psychic was not present.

    What some psychics do have is a telepathically receptive mind; either they don’t know it or recognize it or have misinterpreted their abilities. It stands to reason that psychics who are unaware of (or are unbelieving of) fourth-dimensional entities known as demons would not have an occasion to consider them as the source of their psychic impressions. Nevertheless, any image one sees, any smell one smells, any sound one hears as a “psychic” is really one of the following:

    • a memory belonging to a demon;
    • what the demon is actually seeing, smelling or hearing at the moment.

    Future-predicting psychics can receive “impressions” from the memories or moments borne from a future-dwelling demon (oracles). It is a scientific fact that cloaks don’t just alter light, but time and space, as well, and this allows demons with a strong cloak to span or occupy a wider point in time. God also has this nature, not only being known as the Invisible God, but whose purview spans from one end of time to the other:

  3. “From eternity to eternity I am God. No one can snatch anyone out of my hand. No one can undo what I have done.”

NOTE | Like God, demons don’t always look ahead to the future, preferring rather to keeping time with the majority. How does one know that God does not always look into the future? By His words to Jeremiah the Prophet, which suggest that God leaves the future open-ended in order to facilitate free will:

“If I announce that a certain nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down, and destroyed, but then that nation renounces its evil ways, I will not destroy it as I had planned. And if I announce that I will plant and build up a certain nation or kingdom, but then that nation turns to evil and refuses to obey me, I will not bless it as I said I would.”

It is their innate ability to focus on a single point in time in order to view it, an ability that comes as natural as focusing your eyes on a single object in a line of objects to the exclusion of the other objects.

The reasons a demon projects to someone telepathically vary, as does it motives. It could do so intentionally, having sensed that a person’s mind was receptive to communication in this way by the demon so communicating. 

Those who know how to communicate telepathically with demons find it easy to recognize which ones you can talk telepathically to, and which ones you can’t. That is likely how a demon finds a psychic; it is familiar with identifying minds receptive to its telepathy. In the event the demon had no intention whatsoever of communicating anything to a psychic, then the psychic has the unwitting ability to hear a demon’s thoughts. 

Real psychic impressions feel like memories belonging to you that have suddenly risen to the surface after having been buried or hidden for a very long time. They are not just visions, either, but full of sensations, just as real memories are. Hearing telepathically is just like hearing through your own ears, and speaking telepathically is as easy as saying the words in your mind instead of out loud. One could easily have no idea that you were communicating telepathically, if they were not told so. The same is true for picking up thoughts from another telepath. 

Those who pick up emotions from telepathy experience them as their own. A demon cannot project its own emotions telepathically, but it can project an emotion of its own choosing to the intended recipient, whereby the recipient will actually experience that emotion. If the demon tried to project fear while already afraid, it would only increase its own fear; but, it can remember its fear, which a psychic may feel when the memory is projected or intercepted. But, again, if a pyschic didn’t know the true source of the emotion (whether from a demon’s memory or a projection), then they would naturally believe that the emotion was their own or the subject of the psychic impression.

  1. Satan’s kingdom recognizes subclasses within its demon population, one of which can be labeled via one of the messages routinely sent to its members by the higher-ups, specifically, “You’re not as helpful to us as you could be.” This message is one that is sent to its various poor, relatively unproductive, and uneducated citizens, and is intended to indicate to them that they are expendable. Although it is unknown by what means Satan unloads the excess baggage that weighs down expansion of his kingdom, it is no surprise that such a message causes significant anxiety for the recipient, given what is known, that being the active extermination (or culling) of the human population [see The New Holocaust: Demons recruit humans as part of “The Exclusion”]—albeit for different reasons. Those receiving such a message often seek advice from the Voices Demons, who always advise the same thing to those which they call animals: “Do what you’re told to do anyway.” (This is given as the best advice under the circumstances, and not necessarily to sound harsh, as if Voices Demons were involved in messages like this one; rather, any harshness comes from the fact itself, and the fact that the best survival strategy is to maintain obedience, law and order in the hopes that those who don’t will suffer first, insodoing).
  2. In addition to (or in the alternative to) using the variety of digital image-processing techniques for detecting cloaked and miniaturized demonic weapons, you can also use glass windows, which vibrate in the presence of demonic weapons (or on impact by demonic-weapons fire). Such weapons cause both visible and audible reactions from the resulting vibration. For example: the “zap,” which is shown in VIDEO | “Zap” emits EMF radiation visible to digital camera and VIDEO | Demon-exorcising power (finally) caught on camera, causes glass windows to chirp; the “claw” makes them vibrate [search for claw]. Although windows are not as convenient to carry as a digital camera, glass-based detection does afford one significant advantage: it detects the weapons prior to firing, whereas, a digital camera captures weapons fire only; not only that, but windows make a less obvious detector than cameras, which must be pointed at subjects at a time when they are most particularly against it [search Google for detecting vibrations in glass].
  3. The cloak of a demon is tuned for permeability by the light reflecting from the surface of the material through which they may pass, in that the properties of the light made unique by a given material cause the changes requisite for cloaked molecules to pass through that specific material [think chameleon and its colors]. Clear materials (such as highly transparent plastic wrap or highly reflective mirrors) that either pass through or reflect light from other materials orients cloaked molecules for those other materials, which may be very different from polished metal or see-through plastic. That’s why sucker demons are often thwarted by a combination of plastic wrap and heavy oils or lotions; the light that reflects through these topically applied items of protection is skin, which, obviously, is quite different.

    NOTE | For several years, the Voices Demons have mentioned in casual conversation that strobe lights are a problem to cloaked humanoid demons, but (of course), never explained why or how. It’s possible, however, that the problem and the explanation lie somewhere in the fact presented above (if it’s even true) at all. What is true, is that, although alternating lights may have no effect on a Voices Demon, alternating sound volume does. If a speaker were configured alternate between  a loud noise and no noise as often and as “bright” as a strobe light, communication between Voices Demons and people would be virtually terminated. If their claim about strobe lights is true, it would suggest that demons in general have to tune to steady frequency of either light or noise in order to interact with non-cloaked matter that is, by nature, already “tuned in” to its natural environment.

  4. Most demons speak English, but still have to make up words for things its human speakers don’t know about. To keep those things secret in case they’re overheard, demons choose among words humans already use, and, just like nearly everything else they do, very cleverly at that.

    To demons, the words loopholes and cubbies have very different meanings compared to those applied by humans in that they describe the fact, the nature and the means by which Alice came to Wonderland, and where Wonderland actually is, when you give them some thought.

    A cubbie in the demonic vernacular describes a space-within-space, which are accessed through portals similar to the ones shown in VIDEO | What a portal through a mirror looks like and FILTER GALLERY | Portal in the sky (and more…). It’s hard to describe what that is; however, you can get an idea by looking in a mirror and imagining that the room reflected in it is not just a reflection, but is also a real room.

    loophole describes a passageway of sorts between two parallel worlds. The passageway is usually constructed of a hallway or walkway/bridge, either of which may appear normal as one proceeds through it—at least until they reach the other end. Here’s a description of the most common scenario: imagine running down your hallway from your bedroom to your living room, and then turning around and back down the hallway again, only to end up in a different bedroom—which may be clearly still be yours, just like the former was, but is also clearly not the same one. It could also work like this: imagine walking through a skyway or suspended foot bridge that slowly begins to take on similarities to another that you’ve walked through somewhere else before—(dejá vú)—or that begins to change its architecture or decor, subtly, but noticeably with each step you take; and, by the end, resembles something completely different, and opens into a place other than what you expected. This happens more often than most people think; but, largely goes unnoticed. That’s because even though you may be aware of the transfer from one world to another at the time, your memories of the old world merge with memories of the new (because, apparently, you were in both places at once?), and, before you know it, the new world was the only one you ever knew, at least in your mind. Only from time to time may one have a brief, distant recollection of another life; but, those always fade like any long-ago dream.

    Speaking of fantasy tales, the name for going between worlds á la Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe also has a demon-vernacular equivalent, specifically, going door-to-door. It’s frightening to watch someone go somewhere else in this way, as the door is usually situated in a closet, which the person going through it must confine themselves (probably because enclosed spaces concentrate demonic power). To the best of my recollection, the traveler and the door will merge (or blend) to begin with—similarly to the way demons do with blankets and the like—and, then, the door begins to shrink (as all wormholes do) as it folds the person into itself. It’s a slow process, and the claustrophobic would not at all appreciate the way it looks. If the quite-ordinary design of the one outer closet I’ve seen containing the door is any indication, such doors are kept quite secret; accordingly, their prevalence is not known. Also of note: (1) they are guarded heavily, and located in out-of-the-way places; and, (2) there is a commonality among those who traverse between worlds in this manner, being in possession of such a closet/door, specifically, an air of superiority that expresses itself on their faces, which may be quite at home on a demon, but quite out-of-place on a human. You’d only have to see it once to see it every time thereafter.

  5. Forget expensive and (mostly) useless EVP (ghost-detecting) equipment—which may or may not reveal a spirits or demons that may or may not be there to begin with—at least until you’ve tried a couple of items in your pantry and bedroom closet, specifically, the lid from a jar and a mesh clothes hamper. In any room exhibiting signs of demonic activity, employ the mesh clothes hamper method as follows:
    • Position an empty, black mesh laundry bag anywhere between you and the demon, and then position a dress-length mirror anywhere in between you and the demon—but not in the path of the black mesh laundry bag—or behind the demon, so that you can see both the demon and the mesh laundry bag in the mirror from the location of the camera.
    • Point the camera towards the mirror, ensuring that there is a clear line of sight between the two, and then position it so that it does not peer through the mesh laundry bag, and so that the image of the demon reflecting from the mirror can be seen through the reflection of the mesh laundry bag. Only the reflection of the laundry bag should visible to the camera—not the bag itself.
  6. The most effective means to capture cloaked demons on digital media is by reflecting the light from a curved surface and into the lens of a digital camera that employs either a CCD camera sensor or CMOS; both concave or convex will work [see SCIENCE | How doorknobs, mirrors and double-paned doors reveal cloaked demons]. A corrective lens placed close to and in front of a cloaked or blended demon sharpens and solidifies the demon’s appearance when used as a supplement to the visibility enhancements provided by a polarization filter (like a microwave door, believe it or not). Prior to viewing, the media should be filtered to correct for the distortion caused by the irregular shape of the lens, mirrors excluded.
  1. The rate of demon speech and its pitch is determined by a demon speaker’s state of cloak. Cloaking is not just about invisibility and permeability, but also about the flow of time (these are the three inextricable qualities of all molecules, although man has yet to discover that they are in fact connected and inseparable). Sometimes, people hear voices that they can’t seem to record; or, they hear voices in a recording only at the upper and lower ranges of the human-audible spectrum, and that only after speeding the recording up or slowing it down, and, of course, after raising or lowering the pitch [see Clicks, pops and squeaks in videos are actually demon chatter]. If your ears or mind hears something, it’s real and present; but, if you intend to record it and play it back, you’ll have to account for shifts in the rate of time flow inherent to any cloaked entity and make adjustments to the recording, accordingly (and, as when recording conversations in a crowded room, you may have to isolate overlapping voices; fortunately, that task is simpler with demons, as each speaker gravitates towards its own unique rate and pitch). The same holds true for detecting cloaked demons, in that, in order to make invisible molecules visible to a camera, special considerations must be made based on the state of the molecules as determined by the cloak itself.
  2. Although reverence may be mankind’s explanation for erecting precious gold statues of their gods (i.e., demons), they may have had another reason for using it, too—specifically, because demons prefer to possess heavy metals. For a long time, when asked why demons liked gold (one of the first things I noticed about them), demons would only say “because it’s heavy,” which meant nothing to me for years, but which says plenty to the now well-educated demoniac. Translation: Just like people, demons do not like being suddenly displaced from their homes, nor do they want their homes to be easily destructible. A giant block of gold isn’t likely to be moved easily or destroyed due to its value; but, that could just as easily apply to trees, which more demons are found to possess than any other object. Artistic molding and carving, combined with a cloud of superstition by the gullible (i.e., masses), all but ensure longevity and preservation. Other metals, such as steel or aluminum, are almost never chosen for possession by a demon, as they are disposed of routinely, moved by the product of which they are a component constantly, and are otherwise used in ways that would preclude the peaceable enjoyment desired in any living environment. Due to demons’ preference for possession of revered items, such as idols and statues—even if, by far, not the only reason—God forbid the ancient Israelites from making any graven images of any living thing. Simply put, they were a draw to sentient life over which they had no power, and that may or may not have had their best interests at heart [read Exodus 20:4].
  3. Demon people are often lured away from contemplating the repercussions and implications of their evil acts of murder, treason, torture and the like by the things that demons show and tell them (i.e., magical wonders, etc.). The demonic vernacular for such distractions is unnaturally seductive, meaning that an unnatural (or, rather, a supernatural) act on the part of a demon was used to seduce a human into serving the demonic agenda in a manner contradictory to their conscience, and was strong enough to overpower it. Such distractions usually involve becoming powerfully equipped to be a problem to [insert derogatory title-of-the-day for a demonic victim here], which involves the granting of the use of some kind of destructive power or technology (like weapons that can be deployed with only a hand gesture and thought, and that never miss its target and are virtually undetectable), but can also be a glimpse into parts of the universe normally shielded from human eyes. Just by seeing such places and peoples, any human’s sense of self-importance will be elevated tremendously, and would have the effect of belittling everyone else in their estimation. This perceived separation from the rest of humanity leads to a lackadaisical concern for taking others’ lives, much like one has for swatting a fly.
  4. Although the vernacular for this is not yet known, demons use the same tactics on victims; however, instead of gaining their complicity, demons use their wonders and wares to overwhelm victims (i.e., foster the perception that their problems are too big to solve and/or that they are too insignificant in light of the grand scheme of things to warrant any concern).

  5. The cloaked implants that are, in part, comprised of the weapons demon people use on other humans undoubtedly require maintenance of some kind, as do the humans in whom they are implanted. The power embargo will prevent access by qualified demon personnel for any tasks necessary for maintaining adequate and safe operation of the equipment—as well as the health of the implanted weapons-bearers, of course. The continued failure and refusal of the powers-that-be to adopt, implement and maintain a peaceful policy of interaction—a key term in any hoped-for lifting of the embargo—now threatens the health and safety of a large number of the human population; moreover, it is indicative of an inability and unwillingness to think reasonably and logically in unexpected turns of the tide (i.e., credible, tangible challenge to their power and perceived authority—or pride), as well as a propensity for the careless abandonment of those who serve them. While any man, woman, child or animal for whom it is claimed that the embargo will not be felt by them, should keep an eye on their health for unexplainable anomalies—and should consider their perceived value to demons in any future dealings with them, should they arise again—anyone strategizing against them should not expect immediate results from pressure tactics that don’t also deprive them of resources.
  6. Humanoid demon varieties that crouch are typically from a culture that is strongly anti-human; along with a hiss or a snarl, the crouched position is an outward sign of the species’ display of inner disdain as a race for the race it crouches to. It is also a prelude and precursor to attack of some non-lethal kind (further sign of disrespect). To maim or injure a sentient, but inferior, life-form without killing it is considered the ultimate form of cruelty among all demon cultures, and would be done only to add insult to injury; it is also a sure indication of their overall respect and esteem for the race of person they so injure. Other characteristics besides aggressive disdain common to varieties known to “crouch” at humans include exotic skin coloring, including neons, jelly-fish glows under semi-transparent skin, and the purple, blue, red splotch pattern shown in, for example, Comparing demonic activity in light and shadow [see first image], completely nude, are not only nocturnal, but only appear in dark environments, and are fit as a fiddle, having no more body fat than a fish needs to live in the cold ocean. They tend toward xenophobia, only interfacing with other demon species out of necessity (or force, such as that by slavery or indentured servitude), and only with humans when a job requires it. As a sleeping child of 5 to 8, I would often encounter a nude, purple, blue, red splotched demon, crouched by my bed at night, waiting for a blanket demon to throw the covers from me, right before springing up underneath me—through the mattress—and thrusting me into an open portal just above and at the foot of the bed. Clearly, she was my transport to wherever (sudden terror and lack of gravity and the inertia of the speed change always caused immediate loss of consciousness beyond the opening of the portal) [see What it feels like when a demon possesses you].
  7. Demon people can raise or lower the ground in front of your path as you walk, and do so with the intent of causing a fall; this is in addition to their ability to convert ordinary objects into demonic weapons using just their minds and motion [read VIDEO | Drivers launch demons from vehicles, passers-by from pants].
  8. The degree to which cellophane sticks to you (via static electricity) indicates how prone you are to demonic possession (or how “magnetic” or attractive or viable you are as a possessee) [read SCIENCE | Dark-variety demons rely on discharge of excess electrons into humans for possession for more on how demons “stick” to people].
  9. Sucker demon “sight” is a cross between human eyesight and bats’ echolocation. Instead of interpreting light that reflects from objects like human eyes, a sucker demons interprets variances to the electromagnetic field it emits when it encounters an object to detect it—sort of like a bat hearing the echo of its call, but instantaneous like seeing with regular eyes. Unlike a human—which can only see where their eyes are pointed, and unlike a bat, which can only “see” what it calls towards, a sucker demon can “see” in all directions, all at once. Sucker demons can shut their eyes, in a sense, in that when they are threatened, they will stop emitting their EMF field, as it is easily detectable by other species, and can also be seen in digital media as chroma (or color noise) [see Tween frame rendering technique finds invisible demons in chroma]. Normally, pointing a digital camera at a sucker demon that has latched on to your body will produce chroma in the image; however, if you pull on the sucker demon, the chroma will disappear. That’s because the sucker demon, knowing that its field can be a dead-giveaway to some sentient species (or iPhone video cameras), shuts it down in order to lay low, so to speak. Materials that absorb certain EMF frequencies, such as clear plastic (which they bump against), are problematic for sucker demons; and, clear plastic wrap negates their ability to adhere and penetrate skin [see UPDATE | Demons, their people continue to exploit, cause suffering via open portals]. It is not yet known whether an electromagnetic field emitter of some kind would “blind” sucker demons [see VIDEO | Sucker demons swarm eyes, face to blind, disfigure], or at least provide a shield against them, which might work similar to pointing a laser pointer into human eyes (or via other ways, such as TECHNOLOGY | How demons blind people) or flooding a forest full of bats with loud music (or what have you, such as MAGIC | High sound volume limits Voices Demons’ magic).
  10. Modulating the volume of any given sound (e.g., playing music from external speakers, while alternatively raising and lowering the volume in moderate succession) hinders Voices Demons’ ability to force reception of telepathic communication on an unwilling mind; it appears that, for them, a low-to-moderate noise volume is ideal for communicating via telepathy, and a moderate one, at that. If the volume is too loud, Voices Demons must increase their effort to communicate effectively, which agitates them [see High sound volume limits Voices Demons’ magic]. Also, it appears that Voices Demons cannot tune out noise, meaning that, if they are hearing something they don’t want to hear, they have no choice but to hear it.
  11. Demons not only have their own vernacular, but also have a unique twist on common human sayings. For example: making a mountain out of a molehill to humans means to exacerbate an issue to unreasonable proportions, whereas, to demons, it means take a small issue of relative inconsequence, and build on it until it becomes an issue of great import that address an objective need. Demons made this statement after reviewing my plan to use a stalker’s pending arrest and trial into an prosecutorial maneuver against a much larger threat, i.e., my family [see Voices Demons: “Your family will be arrestable”]. In other words, making a mountain out of a molehill, demon-style, is considered a positive thing in terms of warfare.
  12. Demon people with Satanic affiliations announce such to others by mutating their hands and fingers into the head-banger’s horned fist, instead of just balling up their hands and raising the index and pinkie fingers like normal people. They use their demonic powers to morph the hand into that shape like this: they curl their fingers into their palm, push them through the back of the hand, and then twist their hand, wrist and fingers into the aforedescribed sign of the horns in a hard-to-follow (hard-to-swallow) flurry of melting and undulating flesh. This is how you know they are actually allied with Satan, and not just pretending or deluded (it is not, however, the sign of the beast; that is actually an act, specifically, lying).
    [watch a video of my wrist rotate just like a Satanic demon person’s flashing the sign of the horns at the end of READER | Did your demons follow you to Indiana?; see also VIDEO | Porn actor’s face morphs into demon’s in porn videoVIDEO | Orlock-like face morphs into a human oneVIDEO TIMELINE | Two of Me]
  13. How do demon people choose an object to launch a demon from, as a hospital nurse so chose a plastic bag in VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon? By picking an object that clearly has a demon possessing it, as always indicated by objects contorted and shaped into a demonic face, just like the bathhouse blanket demon’s face made out of a pile of clothes on the floor, as shown in VIDEOS | Three new segments show bathhouse blanket demon. By simply holding such objects and performing one of several series of hand gestures known for conjuring demons (one of which looks like the folding of clothes, followed by the brushing off of pants), a demon person can toss the object’s possessing demon at someone as a weapon, simply because the conjurer asked nicely. This, by the way, is demonic vernacular for the stated reason a demon volunteers to be soldiered (the real reason being having been freed into the open). Other vernacular related to conjuring demons from objects includes drama coach, which is a person or demon who teaches demon people to conjure demons from objects and how to turn objects into demonic weapons, as shown in VIDEO | Drivers launch demons from vehicles, passers-by from pants. Permission given to a demon person by a Voices Demon to conjure another demon for use as a weapon, and a reference for the euphoria derived from that act as anticipated by that demon person, is announced aloud using even more vernacular: “[name of demon person] just got a tweak on in their mind’s eye.” The end result of that euphoria, says Voices Demons, is that “[name of demon person] feels like they just got over on you,” which is a way of describing the sense of satisfaction a slighted person feels right after getting even with the one who slighted them. A euphoric high is a doggie treat of a kind, given by demons to people who have been trained by this addictive, drug-like incentive for behaving in an unusual way when commanded [see VIDEO | Sucker demons launched into home by demons, their people (bottom)].
  14. Chroma, the red, blue and green “snow” that fills the air during periods of high demonic activity, is the stuff that hyperdimensional portals are made of (apparently), which is why it’s always present wherever demons are passing to-and-fro between states. Just like snow, it drifts into piles, clinging to surfaces (walls, door frames), and becoming more and more concentrated as it collects; this higher concentration of chroma allows for demons situate portals. It’s why most demons can be found near corners, inside closets or under beds, in trees, clothes, and wherever multiple surfaces are close to each other (and, therefore, creating a high concentration of chroma). It’s why Santa Claus uses the chimney to enter your home—chroma is funneled down the chimney (yes, it flows) and into a square box, i.e., your fireplace, making it the easiest place to create a portal. (How does he fit? Whenever transferring via portal, you become microscopic in size, even if your destination is another part of this world.)
    [follow all of the above hyperlinks for explanations, photos and videos of demons and the presence (or effect) of chroma]
  15. Demons can be shadows—as well as themselves or other objects—as shown in a video in which a demon in shadow form is uncovered by its inability to accurately project a woman’s shadow; they can also be your reflection, as shown by a photo in which my real self holds his hands and fingers one way, while the mirror demon—which looks just like me in every respect, except one—holds his hands and fingers a completely different way.
    [see VIDEO | Shadow demon revealed by inability to cast beer bottle’s shadow; see also PHOTO | The Mirror Demon]
  16. Demonic mutilation of humans occurs “in the ether,” which is (1) where time is accelerated beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend that attack, (2) where matter—such as human skin—is as malleable as putty, and (3) where there is no gravity; by bringing humans into this state of fourth-dimensional existence (i.e., the “ether”), demons can disassemble and reassemble a person in literally the blink of an eye, leaving them with no memory of the encounter and no physical sensation of having been moved (other than, perhaps, slight dizziness or disorientation). Occasionally, during periods of high demonic activity, a split-second of these attacks can be captured by a digital camera.
    [see split-second attacks captured in digital images in PHOTO | Camera in motion reveals demon-possessed (or surgically assaulted) guest; see also PHOTOS | Demon-possessed often victims of amputation; and, search for ‘head‘ on this blog]
  17. Humanoid demons, such as centurion demons, blink with their nictitating eyelids, a type of inner eyelid that rises up from below the eye, and then up and over, angling from the inner eye towards the outside of it. The eyelid is also translucent, just like that of a frog, which uses theirs as goggles when underwater. It’s the opposite with such demons, however, who never blink when cloaked.
    [read about other demon body parts—like the tongue, in SCIENCE | Three things you never knew about a centurion demon’s mouth]
  18. Demon-possessed clothing actually exists, and can change sizes to fit better (or likely worse) while you wear it. To see the characteristics of such clothing, go to PHOTOS | Man with demon hand sports morphing demonic shirt pattern.
  19. In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, most people still believe that demonic possession is caused by spiritual defects inherent to the demoniac, and that godly living has the power to prevent or repel this affliction; rather, it is the ungodly that are more likely to cope, and to use demons to their personal advantage.
    [list Bible-related posts on this blog and read audience feedback on demonic possession and spirituality; see also READER | Minnesota woman pens letter to jail, advises abstention from drugs, sex; READER | Did you bring demonic possession on yourself somehow?READER | Why are demons following you? Is it because you’re a bad person?]
  20. Demons can affect a kind of cloak that makes the matter by which they are made of averse to light (in other words, so light pushes them out of its path). Demons use this cloak to stay hidden in shadows, like, for example, those created by the folds in your clothing or bedsheets. When you straighten these folds out, allowing light to enter into the space where a fold created a shadow, the demon will slide along with the shadow of the fold as the light pushes it away. Demons also dodge flashlight beams this way, instantly wrapping around the cone-shaped beam as soon as you turn on the flashlight.
  21. A demon can create and direct a build-up of excess electrons in its body, allowing it to burn someone with an electric shock by touching them. The human body is both conductive and neutrally charged, allowing for the transfer of the demon’s excessive of positively charged electrons on contact. Unfortunately, the human body is also relatively ungrounded, which results in heat at the point of transfer. On the plus side, in order to make contact sufficient to transfer a charge, a demon must reduce its cloak, which makes it more vulnerable physically.
    [see READER | What’s the difference between a ghost and a demon?; see also VIDEO | Human hands and forearms disappear, reappear as demonic]
  22. Nearly all humanoid demons speak English because it is their language; however, their communication is invariably a combination of transmitted thought and images, and is sometimes sped up or slowed down and/or raised or lowered in pitch to such an extent that audio processing software must be used to decipher it for the human ear.
    [see Clicks, pops, and squeaks in audio recordings are sometimes demon speechSCIENCE | Three things you never knew about a centurion demon’s mouth; Is telepathy akin to hypnotic suggestion?; Voices Demons: A new unidentified entity discovered; Another secret conversation (with a demon); New audio editing technique reveals hidden demon speech in audio recordings]
  23. Specter-of-Death demons “fly” by running up to 35 miles per hour, and then by launching themselves upwards using the same power that keeps cloaked and phantom demons above ground; this power grips them from their feet to their knees, and hoists them straight up. The momentum from running carries them forward through the air, which does not dissipate while the demons are cloaked, in that a cloaked demon is virtually weightless; using calculated and controlled (partial) de-cloaking, the demon adds the necessary weight and wind-resistance to land safely and on-target. Because this is more of a long (and high) jump than it is planar flight, only minor course corrections are possible, and only then by using their long, thick cloaks as sails or rudders or parachutes; the consequence is a significant loss of speed and altitude, as the demon must de-cloak itself and its cloak in order to catch the wind with it, and to steer it. While hurtling through the air, they hug their knees to their chests like a ski jumper.
    [see a Spectre-of-Death demon fly in VIDEO TIMELINE | The Spectre-of-Death]
  24. The color of the worm-like sucker demon often indicates where it’s been, where it’s going, what it’s done, and/or what it’s going to do; it’s length and thickness, as well as its shape (whether round or flat, with or without tapered ends) is indicative of its intended use and function.
    [search for sucker on this site]
  25. Voices Demons use the same power to create virtual realities for their victims as dreamweaver demons do; however, unlike dreamweavers, whose victims proffer no resistance due to their unconscious (sleep) state, and who have complete control over the dream they project into their victims’ minds, Voices Demons require a victim’s undivided attention to be most effective, as the environment surrounding the victim competes for their attention due to their conscious (or wakeful) state.
    [see Is telepathy akin to hypnotic suggestion?]
  26. When demons float (instead of walk), only their heads, torsos, and waists are visible; their legs appear to fade downwards into nothing. By contrast, you can see the entire bodies of demons that employ dark cloaks (def. pend.), such as phantom demons and some varieties of eye-spider demons, including their legs, which they actually appear to be using while moving. Only cloaked demons float.
    [see VIDEOS | What demons look like when they float (instead of walk)]
  27. Hobgoblin demons always attack and conduct other operations immediately prior to, during, and shortly thereafter a visible New Moon, and signal such with their signature stylized-eight symbol.
    [see SCIENCE | Demons, portals most active during specific moon phases; see also Videos of demonic activity grouped by moon phase]
  28. Just like polarized light illuminates otherwise invisible demons in the dark, diffracted light reveals such demons in the light.
    [see SCIENCE | Seeing the eye of an invisible demon; see also SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained]
  29. Demons always enter from the floor, and, unless there is an emergency, always exit through the wall when using a hyperdimensional portal to invade or infiltrate a building.
    [see Oliver Moves Demons between Floor and Wall Portals; see also Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor]
  30. What generally passes as side effects of illicit drug use are in actuality the consequences of abuse at the hands of demons, and are indicative of (or result from) demonic possession. Demons exploit drug addiction and dependency to mask the abnormal and wanton behavior associated with the use of such substances as crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin (and other opiates, such as Oxycontin), PCP, and alcohol, which are used not only to explain such behavior away, but are also used to sedate (or numb) humans during possession and increase receptivity to subliminal suggestions not of their own—an act that is traumatic to them on every level, in every way, and trauma that perpetuates the cycle of drug abuse.
    [see Drug-induced “auditory hallucinations” a prelude to demonic possession; see also READER | Crystal meth addict lauds mention of connection between demons and drug and Crystal methamphetamine use common denominator among demon-led local terror groups]
  31. Sucker demons cannot carry things while they are flying, suggesting that their ability to move through the air is based on momentum and propelling (possibly, by twisting their bodies rapidly, similarly to a flying snake, and somewhat like the internal propellers of a jet engine); in order to move things, one end of their worm-like bodies must be connected to something stable and otherwise anchored. In marine biology, this is called Body-Caudal Fin (BCF) Propulsion and—believe it or not—jet propulsion.
    [see SCIENCE | Sucker demons fly like some fish swim, shown in 8 videos]
  32. Voices Demons are the only demons that other demons have attacked, primarily, due to their abusive, violent, and just plain obnoxious behavior, while all other demons, for the most part, get along with each other just fine.
    [see Voices Demons: A new unidentified entity discovered]
  33. You can see a wormhole open before you can hear its sonic boom.
    [see Wormholes]
  34. A sucker demon can be drained of its “charge” by pinching it between two pieces of metal (with pliers) or by pinching them between your fingers on one hand while holding something metal in your other hand, preferably, metal that encases active electronics, such as an aluminum laptop or cellphone with metal casing and a touchscreen. It’s the equivalent of grounding a live wire, but for electricity-based(?) biological entities.
    [see The two weaknesses of sucker demons: static electricity and clear plastic]
  35. Sucker demon-like tendrils—whether they are from a sucker demon or not—can be hardened into a semi-translucent “metal,” which is usually done after having been inserted into the human body, and then as (or after) it is (or has been) heated; this material and function is similar to the “electronics adaptor” tendril (which can be used to send commands to cellphones from a hole in one’s wrist that is created temporarily by a sucker demon), but is less brittle and takes much longer to form.

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