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The publisher of The Life of a Demoniac blog, which, since 2011, has garnered nearly 4 million readers world-wide; a grateful, prayerful Christian in dire straits, who works day-and-night to bring peace to mankind through parity with its adversaries, as if his salvation depended on it. Ask for more on that.

Finding demons using an iPhone X, from start to finish

The following video is a screen recording of the entire process of finding demons using just an iPhone X, from configuring the camera settings to enhancing the still frame that captured a demon:

NOTE | There are several techniques for recording demons on digital video; this is just one of them, specifically, the high-duration exposure/in-motion camera technique.

This is the still frame that is enhanced by the end of the video:

The still frame reveals in sharp detail the white, shrouded face of a demon (click the image to enlarge it).

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Horde of demons possess hair of "Within the Chaos" radio show host

To call it a bad hair day for Rodney Shortridge would be an understatement.

While watching a replay of a video made live earlier today posted on Facebook by the host of “Within the Chaos”—the same Internet radio show on which I appeared as a guest [see Excerpts from my guest appearance on live Internet radio]—I noticed about two dozen demon heads in Rodney’s hair. Here are two of them:

Dozens of demon heads were spotted in the hair of Rodney Shortridge (host of Within the Chaos) during a live video broadcast, which he posted to Facebook earlier today; above: two heads, highlighted and enhanced for better viewing

Because Rodney did not claim any knowledge of the pervasive and extensive presence of demons that now blanket the entire planet, I assumed he’d want proof when I told him. Although my experienced eye can quickly and easily locate demons in digital media, I never take for granted how difficult that can be for others with less exposure to the problem.

So, to give Rodney proof, and to make it easy for Rodney to accept that proof, I recorded my iPhone screen activity while I enhanced one of the still frames taken from the replay of his Facebook video broadcast using Photoshop Express and Photoshop Mix:

The enhancements were made to just two of the demon faces, which were the most prominent of all others shown in the chosen still frame. The clarity of the two enhanced demon heads made enhancements to the others unnecessary, and would have hindered the delivery of a pretty urgent message, particularly, Rodney, your hair is on fire.

Too bad, though, because the layering of demons in Rodney’s hair presents an opportunity to illustrate how demons often camouflage their occupation of objects native to our realm. Many of them overlap each other, the distinction between any given two being color, opacity, size and positional offset (from a shared center point). It’s a bit of work to demonstrate, in that to highlight each of the heads that overlap would require making enhancements to the first, presenting them, and then undoing them to make enhancements to the other (prior to presenting it).

Following is the video from which the enhanced still frame was taken (notice the moving mouths of the demons):

I’m not sure what kind of questions Rodney might have for me now that he has is aware that the problem is a little closer to him than he thought it was at the time of the show; however, whatever they may be, I will be ready and willing to answer them.

Update: next day
Following is a conversation between Rodney and I a day after this post:

A conversation initiated by Rodney Shortridge, host of Within the Chaos, a day after this post

Surprisingly, Rodney had no further questions, which is quite surprising. Most people I know who have spotted demons even from afar want to know more. I guess if I had more to tell, I’d tell it, and without being asked; but, I really don’t. What would that be, if I did? Wash, rinse, repeat?

Following is the same image sent to Rodney via Facebook Messenger during our conversation (above):

Add caption

The statistics, which are collected and presented by Google Analytics, do not suggest any activity that would indicate a wide (or even narrow) interest in this post within the state of Virginia. In fact, as of December 12th, 2017, the post generated only 70 hits worldwide.

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Second video close-up of sucker demon, in-flight, possibly reveals drifting maneuvers

The following clip shows a close-up of a sucker demon, flying (versus slithering):

This is the second sucker-demon close-up video posted to this blog; however, unlike the first video, which shows a sucker demon using its tail as a propeller to maintain altitude and to make a rather acute turn in mid-air [see Close-up of sucker demon, propelling in air], this one shows the sucker demon simply drifting like a speck of dust:

Unfortunately, simply drifting does not advance the formulation of the long sought-after answer to the very compelling question, How does a worm fly? A drifting sucker demon makes no discernible movements to control their drift.

NOTE | It’s possible that the undulating movement by sucker demons as they drift is a means to alter the angle of descent and to capture air like a parachute to control speed of descent.

For what it lacks in its ability to solve scientific mysteries, the video makes up for in clarity and detail; in fact, the sucker demon’s bodily movements made during its fall are discernible enough to ascertain how sucker demons control drift, if it were determined as their means to do so, and its head and face are visible in some still frames (when viewed at 1080p). For example:

Although most of the sucker demon’s forehead is missing, its eyes, the bridge of its nose and mouth are positioned correctly enough in both distance and alignment to each other to make out a face (click the image to enlarge)

The sucker demon is drifting, by the way, towards the carpet, where it will land to meet with thousands of other sucker demons nestled amid its fibers, and lie in wait to attack the feet of victims who unknowingly step on their herd or to advance on a victim on command.

Presumably, handlers of some kind and/or the demons using these aggressive, floor-dwelling demons  as weapons identify victims and aggressors beforehand after they are led to the site of attack (e.g., the home of a demonic-torture victim like myself) to avoid friendly-fire casualties.

NOTE | How do I know of these two, distinct roles? Voices Demons, who narrate an attack every time one occurs, identify someone other than themselves as a provider of these feet-attacking demons whenever they proffer a reason for the sucker demons’ unavailability at a given time (like “they weren’t brought here when we thought they would be” or “we’re still waiting for those to arrive” or , yet they announce themselves and other demons as those who use them to attack. They also claim that the supply of these kinds of sucker demons is inexhaustible whenever a given counter-measure is successful at eliminating their ranks.

The signal aggressors use is completely innocuous, not at all unlike attack signals gestured by hand, which demon people use to both summon a demon into an object they carry and launch an attack on a target with it (in lieu of hand-based weapon) [see VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon as weapon]—so much so, that it is unlikely anyone but frequently attacked targets, such as torture victims, make the connection between the act that constitutes the signal and the attack itself.

Rather than a series of unnatural hand movements, e.g., a scratch-on-the-nose, followed by a brush-on-the-shoulder and then a swipe-on-the-thigh, the signal is issued by sweeping the floor. To sucker demons poised in carpet, the signal is given by running a vacuum cleaner; to those on non-carpeted (hard) flooring, by sweeping with a broom.

Like the hand gestures that aid a demon in finding the location of the summoning and in its possession of an object held by the summoner, sweeping the floor also does more than simply communicate an order to attack. The rotation of a vacuum cleaner’s brush or friction from a broom’s bristles provides a degree of motion and/or energy sufficient to enable the sucker demons to interact physically with the target. By nature, sucker demons are cloaked, meaning that various properties of their molecules are synced to those native to their indigenous realm. These properties exhibit characteristics such as permeability and visibility, which are different according to realm (in fact, realms are defined by the differences in these and other properties), and which make them invisible and unable to touch or see objects in other realms.

Demons can cloak, meaning that they can sync their molecules native to a given realm. By syncing their molecules to match the properties of molecules in our realm, they can touch things here instead of passing through them and can see things here and be seen by natives; but, syncing requires help on the part of the realm to which they are syncing. In this case, that entails house-keeping at the same time it gives that help.

Victims of torture and human-trafficking more than likely live with or in the same structure as their human tormentors (as I do); accordingly, attacks are often made known to the victim prior when their aggressor vacuums or sweeps.

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TRADING FACES | One demon’s face morphs into another

The following video is intended to satisfy the curiosity of those who have ever wondered how multiple demons in possession of a single human exert individual control (or take turns driving the car, per modern demonic idiom), or at least what it looks like when they trade places.

In it, a human possessed by at least two demons rifles through a stack of objects, his own face replaced by a horned, sharp-featured face of one of the possessing demons; in mid-task, that demon’s face is replaced by the face of another demon, who shares possession with the first:

Although the demons share the same size heads, the difference between their skin tone and facial features are vast:

This phenomenon could be mistakenly labeled morphing; however, it is actually two demons swapping positions. The human face is not replaced or altered in any way; the demon face overlaps it.

NOTE | Only the human face can be seen with the naked eye; a digital camera and special circumstances related to lighting and the occurrence of a period of high demonic activity are required to see the demon face.

There are many videos posted to this blog showing demonic morphing of some kind; however, this is the first one showing demon-to-demon morphing.

NOTE | Seeing one demon taking over for another in mid-task without skipping a beat is no surprise, even though this is the first time. Demons that possess must establish that deep of a mental connection with their hosts to facilitate effectual possession as a matter of course; it stands to reason that two demons that possess could do the same with each other.

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Shadow-cloaked demons burn fingertips

Right from the start of their six-year campaign of seemingly unending torture by violence (and other means), demons have targeted my fingers [see Nerves, fingernails damaged from fighting sucker and eye spider demons]. They are not only trying to induce pain, but also loss of functionality (sensation, flexibility) and, eventually, the loss of my fingers.

In the past, their efforts were a little less deliberate than they are now. Before, the damage came from removing, fighting and otherwise touching any of the demonic entities sent for attack—entities that one simply cannot ignore due to their well-known and -honed ability to continuously compel removal until they are, in fact, either removed manually by their target (which is usually done with the target’s hands, of course) or removed naturally by the cessation of the period of high demonic activity that brought them into contact with the target. Now, they have transitioned to a more direct approach, specifically, adhering themselves to your fingertips while cloaked. Just like the cloaks of the demonic entities formerly used, the shadow-cloaked demons (so named because their cloaks look like shadows) are harmful to human tissue. Not only that, but their cloaks can be modulated to cause even more damage than they would under normal conditions.

NOTE | I’m not sure whether a demon cloaks its molecules in closer relation to their native state or to ours to accomplish this; but, it’s one way or the other, as the only variances in a demon’s cloak lie between fully tangible to us and fully tangible to their original environment.

How I discovered the demonic culprit connection
Although I could feel the pain inflicted on my fingertips as demons burned them and could also see the resulting damage, I’ve never actually seen the demons until I inadvertently captured them in a video made during this latest period of high demonic activity.

At first glance, I noticed unusually shaped, positioned and colored shadows cast by my fingers by the camera torch in this portion of the video:

Evidence of demons revealed in the video
After skimming the video frame-by-frame, though, I discovered that those shadows were actually cloaked demons. They were easy to spot, in that, unlike real shadows:

  • they overlapped my fingertips, and, in some still frames, are positioned between the torch light and my fingers, instead of my fingers and the door;
  • instead of fuzzy borders that trail off into nothing along a shadow’s border, these shadows have razor-sharp edges; and,
  • they were also pitch-black (versus semi-translucent).
Two other give-aways were (1) the actual faces of the demons, shown in frames in which they are decloaked (i.e., a state of molecular naturalization, which causes them to exhibit characteristics of molecules native to our environment—in this case, visibility); and, (2) the absence of any shadows in still frames where they should appear by nature (I don’t know how that works; but, I know if something appears to deny or lack its usual nature, demons probably did the deny or caused the lack).

NOTE | Because all of the demons whose faces are shown always appear between two fingers in the still frame, it is likely that the proximity of the fingers contributed to their visibility as much as the demon’s partial decloaking (light concentrates as it passes close to surfaces; a demon near my grip would never fully decloak, as that would make them tangible and therefore squishable).

Following are a few still frames taken from the aforementioned video that show shadow-cloaked demons on and over my fingertips as they burn them:

Instead of fuzzy borders that trail off into nothing along a shadow’s border, these shadows have razor-sharp edges

Shadows appear to overlap my fingertips, and, in some still frames, are positioned between the torch light and my fingers, instead of my fingers and the door

Similar to the above, in which the shadows overlap my fingertips (i.e., are situated between the camera and my fingers vs. my fingers and the door like a real shadow should)
The face of one of the demonic culprits, shown between two my pinkie and ring fingers; the proximity of the fingers contributed to its visibility as much as the demon’s partial decloaking (light concentrates as it passes close to surfaces) The inexplicable absence of any shadow cast by my thumb appears in about half-a-dozen consecutive still frames

Other demons that cloak into shadow
The fingertip-burning demons are not the only demons whose cloaks resemble shadows; Google Shadow Demons for others.

Having the same problem?
Here’s a solution that works every time, all the time: oil-based products—in this case, surgical or cleaning gloves and Tea Tree Oil:

The gloves and the oil both provide a barrier; but, the gloves won’t dry or rub off, and the tea tree oil keeps bacteria from growing on your hands when wearing gloves over the long-term.

Why does oil work as a barrier and other materials (probably) don’t
For reasons I can only speculate, oil is difficult for cloaked demons to both adhere to and pass through (at least pass through while adhering to another type of surface. My thoughts are that, because oil is very dense at the molecular level, it is difficult to adapt their cloaks to accommodate such a wide variance in the density that exists between oil and all other materials.

For example, a demon can easily adhere to one kind of paper and just as easily handle passing through another kind of paper should another kind fall on top of him. The differences don’t require much modification; however, I’m thinking that difference between oil and anything else is the difference concrete and water.

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POSSESSED BABY DOLLS | The pragmatic reasoning behind God’s ban on graven images

You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me. Exodus 20:3-5

Let me start this post by emphatically stating this: the reason God stated for His ban on graven images is the only reason there is and that need be, and that, in spite of a title that suggests otherwise, there is no unmentioned or cursory or derivative reasoning that exists.

So, why suggest that there is another reason—an objective reason in addition to God’s “subjective” reason? It’s because I doubt anyone has this problem anymore, and yet the danger (or punishment, if you will) still very much exists—and that coming from demons. Let me explain.

As recently described in Second upside-down laundry-basket demon, demons prefer certain materials over others for possession [see also Strangest things, places demons possess]; it is their primary concern, in fact. Secondary to that, however, is the shape of the object to which the material belongs. The closer to the likeness of a given demon (e.g., head, arms, legs, etc.), the more suitable the object is for possession. In other words, carving wood or chiseling stone in the shape of even a human solicits or invites demonic possession into the carving or chiseling. Obviously, that’s not what you want to do.

How does that factor into today, though? For one thing, it explains the possessed-dolly phenomenon, which started last century, and which is still going strong. The following conversation, which started with a post to Facebook by a reader concerned about a possessed baby doll, elaborates:

The doll that is the subject of my conversation with a Facebook reader, which was posted by a member of Facebook group, S.P.I.R.I.T (Do you believe?) My first comment is omitted, which jokingly suggested a possible name for the doll: Betsy Had-A-Stroke

 So, take heed…

…lest ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven image, the similitude of any figure, the likeness of male or female. Deuteronomy 4:16

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DEMONPAPER | The Life of a Demoniac Wallpaper Gallery

This is a gallery of toss-away still frames from video made during periods of high demonic activity. Although they do not pass muster for posting to the blog as notable or newsworthy evidence of demons or demonic activity, they are unique and completely irreproducible—and stunningly beautiful. They contain color combinations and scenes that not even the world’s top artists could ever reproduce; that’s because they were made under circumstances that only I can reproduce.

Accordingly, they are one-of-a-kind—rare jewels, if you will—that are not just praise-worthy by any standard, but fit for use as wallpaper on any plus-sized iPhone.

NOTE | This gallery is still growing; there are thousands of still frames to sift through. Check back periodically for more. Also, click an image to enlarge it before downloading it to your device.

You’re free to enjoy (but not sell or otherwise lay claim or copyright—they belong to me) any of the images below:

A pair of still frames, taken from the same video; one for the Home Screen, one for the Lock Screen:

If these look like streaks of light from street lamps while my camera was set to a high-exposure duration, you’d be half right. The whole truth is that they are also life forms that exist in the light, as well (don’t ask me how it works; but, they communicate using a written language, as shown and more fully described in CHALLENGE | Decipher the Demon Code):

NOTE | An example of the “writing” from these life forms on the night the images above were made follows:

A character written by the bodies of the demons inhabiting the light from street lamps in my neighborhood
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READERS | The Anti-Christs’ Most Dangerous Mask, The Needy Time-Wasting Idiot and other demon-people roles

During every period of high demonic activity, demons nearly always employ human collaborators to serve as “distractions to [my] forward progress” in life. One form of distraction is an on-rush of conversation solicited by people with “serious” issues and concerns that only I can address, which always come via text or chat.
Two perfect examples of similar, related activity previously posted to this blog include:
In addition to those accounts, this post describes two others. I’m posting them to notate the two most common roles filled by those who participate: namely, the Angel of Light and the Needy Time-Wasting Idiot.

NOTE | These two titles are mine, and were not provided by demons; however, they do summarize their respective roles, and are based on the descriptions that were provided by demons.

Yes, there is a pattern used over and over by these people, and these are the two most common roles chosen for no other reasons than these: the former appeals to one’s sense of righteousness (albeit in persons who aspire to be in right-standing with God—and who doesn’t?); the former appeals to someone who cannot say no to the helpless and needy (as, in my case, is demonstrated by the establishment of a charity service, which this person used as a pretext to contact me).

Before you read about my encounters with these people, watch this video; it shows what occurs during periods of high demonic activity, which is already known by these people to, in fact, occur—specifically, it shows a demon spiking me in the back of my neck as I walk from my kitchen to my bedroom:

The Angel of Light’s mascarade préférée
This is at least a two-thousand year favorite for demons, which has demonstrated to them the most effective way to deceive, invoke shame or stir up righteous anger in a target. The Bible describes this as the preferred masquerade of Satan himself:

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

The pretext is the condemnation of the unrighteousness by the righteous. If the target feels truly unrighteous—as well they might while suffering an onslaught of demons (the only time the Angel of Light role is played out)—the accusation may invoke intense fear. Such fear is fostered at an early age and constantly throughout their lifetime; and, you can bet that this was the case for anyone truthfully (actually, honestly concerned with) their standing with God as an adult. Their fear of eternal damnation in the fiery pits of Hell are based on the reality of its existence, and has a higher capacity for fear than all others combined; and, because attaining to the perfect righteousness required by God is an all-consuming task and a standard that bears no leeway, no excuses, anxiety (either caused by wrongdoing, ignorance, or an equal degree of exploitation of the fear since it was first felt when this standard was introduced to the target as a child. Decades-long efforts like this are the norm for demons that target humans; in this case, provoking and nurturing that initial fear of Hell—never allowing its evolution into peace [see note, below]—keeps the door open for easy exploitation.

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For in Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life has set you free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:1-2

If not fear, then shame and guilt. These two seem like the tools of an angry parent when chastening a small child; however, they are not to be negated as the extremely powerful facilitators of complicity in torture victims that they are. Any means devised by demons to invoke shame and guilt in a victim are invariably solicited on a constant basis, and are evident in nearly every action taken and word spoken by a given demon tormentor.

For those who are in right-standing, and for those who believe that they will be, the facade can invoke anger and indignation over the audacity of correlating a victim’s impropriety with the acts that define demonic torture as they are being perpetrated by demons.

For those who see through the facade (who are believers), consider the only problem worth addressing is that of the actor.

The following is a transcript of a conversation between me and such an actor (which came out of the blue after years of silence between us), which occurred earlier today, and which reflects that very assessment:

Some may ask, “What makes you think she’s connected to your ‘drama,’ and that it’s not just a coincidence that she contacted you during a bad time?”

As I’ve said before on this blog, it’s the timing, and it’s the chorus of other nonsense conversations that occur at the same time. It’s also the intensity. This time, these people put a lot more effort into their discourse than usual, and that always happens whenever the physical toll of demon attacks have resulted in hospitalization, as it did this last time [see Hospitalized by demonic retaliatory strike for power blockade]:

The last period of high demonic activity nearly cost me my life (again); I barely made it to the hospital in time to be revived

Whenever I sustain any physical tragedy as a result of their attack, they are energized by it, and are carried away by their evil nature.

The Needy, Time-Wasting Idiot
Following is the transcript of a text conversation between me and a demon person who posed as an indigent in need of my charity services (for eviction-related legal-help) to the end of wasting my time. The gist of this role is to present a dire situation, ask for help, and then disregard every piece of advice and suggesting given, ignore every key fact, act and speak as if nothing said was heard or understood, and to act and speak like that as many times and for as long as is tolerated.

In this specific case, the demon person stretched out the conversation over the course of three days, each time, accomplishing in some way, shape or form every one of the aforestated. In sum, this man was served an order to vacate by the sheriff–something that only happens after every other option for avoiding eviction has long been precluded. He was advised of only one possibility, and where to go to explore that possibility. It was suggested that he could propose a stay of execution based on hardship, and that based on an elderly relative whose health recently spiraled downwards due to the untenable conditions of his apartment. He advised me that he had only three days left to vacate the apartment; but, instead of taking my advice immediately, he spent the next three days barraging me with nonsensical text messages, none of which answered a single question I posed.

Here’s the conversation:

My conversation with The Needy, Time-Wasting Idiot

More later…
…but, in the meantime, a few, select images made during this latest period of high demonic activity (which is now waning, and is estimated to end in approximately 5 to 8 days at its point of origin—San Jose, California—surface in India in two weeks, and produce an aftershock in one month lasting 1 to 3 days [see BIBLE | Christians, victims reeling from demonic activity aftershock]):

The dog-like face of a demon, who reared its ugly head in my direction as I recorded video
A multiplicity of demon heads, semi-transparent, and obfuscated by random streaks of light

A demon’s face in a towel draped over a TV

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Demonic weapons stored, deployed in mouth—and possibly hidden in the second dimension

They are everywhere as it is—and, I mean everywhere, even in your own skin [see Demonic weapon/implant emerges from forearm and strikes pancreas]. Demon people have long traded their original body parts to make room for them [see Demons perform surgical operation on Long to install weapon that may have hurt Scratchen], and, now, are storing and deploying them from their mouths:

Mouth-stored and deployed demonic weapons are hard to catch in media, requiring close and prolonged proximity to a weapons-bearer and, unfortunately, a weapon, too

How the particular demonic weapons shown protruding from the bearer’s mouth operates is not yet clear; determining how a weapon may operate based on the operation of other weapons that look similar isn’t always reliable, as many look very similar (especially at the early stages of deployment), but operate very differently, and serve different purposes. It’s not uncommon to mistake a demonic entity for a demonic weapon or vice versa, either. For example, the weapon shown above looks like a large-variety black sucker demon, and may very well be, for all I know.

Regardless, what makes it clear that it is intended for harm is the same for all other weapons: they’re cloaked, and therefore are discovered during periods of high demonic activity by their inadvertant capture on digital media (while the video camera and/or subject is in-motion), and are only shown in but a few still frames; and, they are always deployed in your personal space while your back is turned, and almost always by a well-known aggressor.

Another indicator is per a phenomenon that has yet to be discussed on this blog. What it is called (or could be called), I don’t know; but, basically, it involves hiding or camouflaging a demon, demonic entity or demonic weapon or equipment by obtaining a position between the target and a similarly shaped and/or colored/textured object in their environment in order to blend with (conceal) it, and somehow hiding in two-dimensional space versus three-dimensional space so as to conceal its proximity.

There is no depth in two-dimensional space; from any given perspective, everything is the same distance along the z-plane. How far above or below, or to either of two sides remain.

That’s the best way I can describe it, even after examining hundreds and hundreds of still frames showing it, one of them being the still frame in the top-left corner in the image above (and below):

The long, black protrusion extending from the mouth was hiding in front of one of the belts hanging on the door; but, somehow, immediately found its way into (and out of ) the mouth of the weapons bearer as he passed between the door and his intended target. It’s as if the weapon occupies two-dimensional space, where depth has no meaning

After thinking about it, it doesn’t necessarily surprise me that this is possible. After all, a demon’s cloak is simply their natural state in three-dimensional space—abnormal to us by merit of their invisibility, permeability, timelessness, weightlessness, etc., but, quite natural in their native fourth dimension. It is known that to transit between dimensions, a demon alters its cloak (the state of its molecules) to sync with the properties of molecules native to their intended destination. Even though the third (our) dimension is the most common destination, it stands to reason that a cloak can be altered to move past us and into the dimension below.

The imprint left by second-dimension cloaks on digital camera sensors suggest that there is some kind of difference, even if not the one I suggest. They are sharper and more detailed in general, but also throughout the entire set of still frames in which they are shown; by contrast, fourth-dimension cloaks are blurrier, usually yielding one or two cognizable images out of, say, 5 or 6 stills, somewhere in the middle. Rarely do such images produce detail or are defined by sharp borders as are the two shown above.

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Second upside-down laundry-basket demon

Piles of clothes in your home is, at best, unsightly and unhygienic; at worst, it’s deadly—at least during periods of high demonic activity, as this latest image of a snarling, fanged demon (below) hanging upside-down in a laundry basket mere inches from where I sleep (not to mention the myriad of other images like it) can attest:

In my laundry basket, upside-down, the bone-white face of a snarling demon

It may not seem to be a very strange place to expect to find demons when you consider some of the other places they can be found [see Strangest things, places demons possess]; and, even less so when you consider the reasoning behind their choice of possession:

  • Clothing is made of light, malleable fabrics. That makes it easier for a demon to possess, say, a T-shirt, versus, say, a block of metal.
  • Clothing is strong. This is material to any demon that intends to make physical, tangible interaction in this world that requires certain degrees of strength; and, it is vital to any demon that intends to keep his parts together and in order—a problem to any demon who possesses sand or dirt or water.
  • Clothing has a predictable lifecycle and path. Demons prefer to possess items that are likely to remain stationary, and when not, items that follow a predictable path from one point to another. Clothes fit the bill in both respects, the only exception being when they’re worn; however, ordinarily, clothes in a laundry basket are not likely to be touched until laundry day; clothes on a shelf are not likely to be moved until they are worn; and, regardless of the occasion for the touching, they either go to the laundry mat, and then return home or are worn for the day and then tossed into the laundry basket. No surprises.
  • Clothing is shelved or piled into bunches. Demons huddle to prolong the life and strength of their possession of any given item. A demon that has surrounded itself with other demons encapsulates itself in a bubble of like-cloaked molecules; insodoing, its cloaked molecules are shielded from collision with non-cloaked molecules native to our environment, which diminishes the demon’s ability to maintain a cloak suitable for possessing items in it. Closets, bins, bags, boxes, shelves, drawers, laundry baskets and wherever clothes are stored in large quantities are a triple-braided chord [Ecclesiastes 4:12].
This particular demon was captured in multiple still frames taken from multiple videos made within a relatively short time period; these are some of the better ones, none of which required any sharpening or processing of any other kind
You can see the latter reason at work for this demon, if you flip the same image right-side up, and look very closely in the same area the demon shown above occupies. You can also see demons surrounding the laundry bag, such as this (barely visible) one:

Four still frames, unretouched, of a green-faced, pointy-hatted demon, stationed just to the left of the laundry basket

This is not the first giant, bone-white head I’ve captured in my laundry basket, upside-down:

Another bright-white, snarling demon in my laundry basket, upside-down, in a image made nearly a year ago

Although these images are recent, they are hardly the most compelling nor highest of quality, and neither are they representative of the typical number of demons that possess piles of clothes. By contrast, these videos collectively show thousands of demons of varying species:
To see the demons, pause playback on each individual frame; most will contain at least a few demons. The best app for skimming videos frame-by-frame is Quicktime Player, a free download from Apple; with it, you can use the right and left arrows keys to advance one frame at a time.

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