DEMONPAPER | The Life of a Demoniac Wallpaper Gallery

16 Nov
This is a gallery of toss-away still frames from video made during periods of high demonic activity. Although they do not pass muster for posting to the blog as notable or newsworthy evidence of demons or demonic activity, they are unique and completely irreproducible—and stunningly beautiful. They contain color combinations and scenes that not even the world’s top artists could ever reproduce; that’s because they were made under circumstances that only I can reproduce.

Accordingly, they are one-of-a-kind—rare jewels, if you will—that are not just praise-worthy by any standard, but fit for use as wallpaper on any plus-sized iPhone.

NOTE | This gallery is still growing; there are thousands of still frames to sift through. Check back periodically for more. Also, click an image to enlarge it before downloading it to your device.

You’re free to enjoy (but not sell or otherwise lay claim or copyright—they belong to me) any of the images below:

A pair of still frames, taken from the same video; one for the Home Screen, one for the Lock Screen:

If these look like streaks of light from street lamps while my camera was set to a high-exposure duration, you’d be half right. The whole truth is that they are also life forms that exist in the light, as well (don’t ask me how it works; but, they communicate using a written language, as shown and more fully described in CHALLENGE | Decipher the Demon Code):

NOTE | An example of the “writing” from these life forms on the night the images above were made follows:

A character written by the bodies of the demons inhabiting the light from street lamps in my neighborhood
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