PIC | Shoe demon rankles jealous demon people (IN-PROGRESS)

24 Aug
Just posting the pics for now; but, also, a quick note about the image quality and the technique used to acquire an image of an invisible demon on the attack:

I know the image is blurred by motion — that’s intentional. It’s how you capture the light reflected from a demon’s cloak (by moving the camera). The light contains so few photons, you have to “scoop” extra light to see it. Running the camera sensor through an emission of photons collects more of them than if you hold it still. That’s how you get the blur from the uncloaked objects (by collecting extra photons). It’s digital over-exposure, if you will. If I hadn’t moved the camera, I would never have seen the face— just as the demon intended. It’s a technique to make visible what is otherwise invisible.

Why would I not use this technique ? Everybody should use it to determine whether a malevolent entity has taken an aggressive stance (i.e., cloaked) against them in their home. Moving the camera with the exposure duration set to maximum would be the correct method in an attack scenario.

This is not the only way to see a cloaked (invisible) demon. Another way is positioning the lens adjacent to a tight space (crack underneath the door, for example) while pointing it towards the subject; and, another way is pointing the lens on a shiny, curved surface that is reflecting the subject area (such as the reflective coating on a pair of sunglasses or a door knob).

The first requires the demon to be stationary, and a straight shot between the tight space and the demon; the second requires post-processing to bend the image flat, and sufficient reflective area to accommodate both the reflection of the camera and the subject area.

The technique I used catches demons in action, working quick — exactly what you want in an emergency situation. It has no caveats. So what if the uncloaked items are blurry; I know what they are, and I don’t need a picture of them. Besides, the blurry, uncloaked, known, visible items differentiate themselves from the sharp cloaked subjects in a way that makes the invisible demons easier to spot at a glance.

The face of demon, appearing on (or over) my shoe Close-up of image shown left

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There were plenty of “likes” from Facebook users in other groups; but, only one comment, which was left on Google+, made a point to praise the pics clarity

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