VIDEO | Super-high concentration of chroma-producing radiation show demons emerging from picture frame

23 Mar
I’m sure whatever type of radiation that produces the same EMF emissions resulting in chroma in digital media was far more dangerous than normal; not only was I told so by a demon as the first wave hit Casa de Scratchen in the wee hours of the early morning, but it was made quite evident by the abnormally high degree of interference to my digital camera:

Like X-rays, demonic radiation reflects off of tissue beneath the skin; however, instead of bone, flesh—and, in living color (apparently)
The level of detail of cloaked, demonic activity afforded by the higher-than-normal levels of demonic radiation revealed vital information regarding the means by which demons inflict harm on humans; in this still frame, a metal prong is seen emerging from a hole that inexplicably appears in my pillow (bottom-left), which struck me in the shoulder
At the beginning of the video, everything appears as normal; but, like the ever-increasing raindrops of a thunderstorm, chroma drips from above, appearing to rip the skin off my body wherever it hits (right eye, shoulders, neck and chest), and exposing the blood-soaked underlying tissue



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