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15 Nov
Apparently, it’s not enough for a demon to just outright kill a man; they have to first take away his mental and emotional stability—then, kill him. I’ve said as much on this blog before, and I’ve shown some pretty good examples of how this is done (the five years of blogging about demons being, in and of itself, one such example). To do this, they try a demoniac’s patience for decades on end before allowing the weight of a multitude of injuries inflicted upon him finally causes his life to collapse into a cold, lonely and hate-filled grave.

This gallery offers a glimpse of both: the trying of his patience, and injury being inflicted. The following images serve as the inspiration for the third installment of sorts of The Desktop of a Demoniac [see also The Desktop of a Demoniac II]; they explain why I haven’t posted much to the blog lately, while showing why I should at the same time.

Total breakdown
Just like the maniacal villains of comic book lore, demons put a twist on every crime they commit; here, the simultaneous breakdown of every app on my computer, all of which were accompanied by vague alert dialogs:

0 for 3: three errors, all at once—all uncharacteristically unhelpful of their authors

Demons don’t have to plan very far ahead to cause this kind of problem, being able to interfere with your computer equipment—or the equipment you’re connected to—on a dime’s notice:

A dialog displayed by Xcode during a period of high demonic activity

For example, on the day I tried to upload the video of a lying doctor caught in the act, they shut down all access points to wireless Internet within at least a square mile from where I stood [see AIDS | Dr. Crapo lies, gets caught in same].

NOTE | Sometimes, demon handiwork is made evident by simple, but weird modifications to your apps, such as graphics displayed by the Weather widget (Mac OS X, Dashboard):

Rain pouring from the sun? I thought I left weird weather behind in Indiana when I moved to California

The problem is not restricted to just my computer, but also my iPhone, its apps, and web sites:

Injury inflicted
Walking down the street is dangerous for a blood enemy of evil—or, for anyone demons and their people think are taking up too much space in the universe God created. The still frame below shows why:

Yet another demonic weapon, either deployed by a cloaked demon, perched on the electric wires above me, or by an automated weapons-deployment installation, puncturing the top of my head

For more information on demonic-weapon installations, or drama points, as demons and their people call them, read Analytics data snitches on Voices-Demon bitches’ AIDS tactics for coercing violence.

This post also shows why I’m a little too busy to be lured by every demon-made drama that comes my way, and what is actually keeping me therefrom:

I’m never too busy to be about the demon problem; but, busy doesn’t always look unfocused. Some solutions require one’s full attention, Chroma, a prototype of one of its components demonstrated above, being just that kind of solution.

DOWNLOAD | Chroma skimmer component source code (prototype)

Like the other galleries and their derivatives, I’ll add to this gallery one pic at a time.

More non-sensical error messages
Shortly after submitting an ad for this blog for approval by Facebook advertising, I received a rejection notice, which stated:

Your ad can’t use an image showing functionality that doesn’t exist in your ad.

The reason cited by Facebook for rejecting my ad

Beginner’s mistake, I’m sure, if only I knew what they meant by that.

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