IN-PROGRESS | The Demon Code

28 Apr
This post is still very much in-progress, but is posted for those who can’t wait to say their ABC’s in demon…

Update on May 3rd: I haven’t forgotten about this post; I’ve been busy on Chroma—and, it’s a good thing, too. While implementing the HD-quality scaling feature in the app (which doesn’t use some crappy zoom algorithm like other apps, but instead scales the display on iPhone for flawless magnification—and that on the GPU!), I discovered a possible decipherer of the demon alphabet:

After scaling an HD video to 100% using Chroma, I noticed scrawl between the keys on my laptop keyboard…

It happened when I made a short video of my laptop to use for testing of the feature; when I zoomed in on the portion of the video showing the keyboard, I noticed scrawling of some of the same symbols shown in the pictures below next to each key. I’m pretty sure that’s not a coincidence; but, you decide:

…so I created a snapshot of the screen, and imported it into GIMP… …which I used to enhance contrast so the scrawl would be more discernible Here is but one of the many symbols found on my keyboard

Here are some possible matches (keep in mind that no one has perfect penmanship, and it’s probably harder to form letters for a camera when the operator is jostling it as he walks):

Of course, that is not to say that any given demon tongue is the same as English, but with a different alphabet; rather, it suggests that there is an overlying, demonic keyboard, and that the U.S. keyboard is relevant to the user of such.

The following symbols constitute a portion of the demon alphabet. They were acquired from the still frames of a video made on my iPhone during a period of high demonic activity, using a high-exposure camera setting.

Because they were drawn by motion-blurred light trails, which could easily fool someone into thinking that a streak of light is that and only that, I chose only the characters shown in other videos and seen in my experience, as well as at least one character that has already appeared on this blog numerous times:

This stylized eight is shown in numerous posts…
…and is associated with violence…
…as perpetrated by a group of allied demons and humans [see Demon horde ‘OCCT’ flashes stylized ‘8’ in shadow, body hair]

The stylized eight isn’t the only symbol cognizable as a number. Take 23, and 5, for example:

2 2
3 3

5 5


These are symbols resembling characters from the Latin alphabet:


J or d


Not every symbol has a corollary to one of ours, but establishes itself as a symbol by … two factors: (1) repetition; and, (2) shape [will expand on these greatly]:

Chess’ bishop

Square root (reverse)

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