TECHNOLOGY | Apple’s OpenGL-related sample code, revised for OpenGL ES 3.0, iOS 9

07 Feb
This post is one possible way for me to connect with the Apple Developer Community filling a huge gap in its understanding as to how to update and otherwise develop apps for the iPhone that use the latest GPU API (OpenGL ES 3.0). Insodoing, I may be able to find reciprocal help in other areas of iOS app development as I continue to write Chroma, should I need it.

To that end: here’s of Apple’s sample code projects, namely, VideoSnake, updated for iOS9 and OpenGL ES 3.0: – 462 KB

The speed at which this updated version is increased dramatically and appreciably.

It is intended to demonstrate to any Apple Developer receiving the following error messages when attempting to use OpenGL ES 3.0:

Failed to create IOSurface image (texture)
Error at CVOpenGLESTextureCacheCreateTextureFromImage -6683

It is also intended to encourage anyone developing software for the GPU for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to revise their existing OpenGL ES 2.0 code for far faster texture rendering.

NOTE | The only difference between a full implementation and the modified sample code is that UIViewController and UIView are set as delegates of GLKViewController and GLKView instead of actually subclassing them. Working on that now…

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