Two orbs fly into wall, disappear beneath

19 Jan
Over three years ago, a hobgoblin demon suddenly emerged from my apartment floor, right in front of where I sat, and then ran into an adjacent wall where she disappeared somewhere beneath its surface [see VIDEO TIMELINE | Maskless Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor]; and, tonight, two green orbs did the same (disappear into a wall, that is) except that one came from the ceiling and the other from my ear:

At the time of the hobgoblin’s intergalactic lane change, I speculated that the verticality of walls in opposite relation to floors somehow had a connection with hyperdimensional portal transfers (exiting one portal and segueing into another). Having seen many a transfer, it was a good guess. Unfortunately, it remains so after all this time.

Why the wall and not the window? Or the ceiling again? Where does a wall lead? How do you know which wall to go through? are a few of the most obvious questions people would generally ask, but I’m more interested knowing about the aspects of the transfer that are common among all those I’ve witnessed.

NOTE |  Why my place? Why me? are two questions I would also pose for pondering by those to whom they are posed. They know why.

Aside from the opposing angles of the entrance and exit points, I’ve also witnessed these commonalities:

  • Weightlessness upon exiting the first portal
  • Running towards and into the second portal (they all run at approximately the same pace)
  • Emerging towards and observing in the direction of the second portal prior to exiting the first portal is (no one ever looks around for the wall; they come out of the floor knowing exactly where to go)
  • The travelers make very little noise, but some; and, they are visible (both are highly unusual, otherwise)
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