SCIENCE | Still frame proves chroma is not just ‘color noise’

18 Dec
A still frame taken from a video made, of course, during a period of high demonic activity, but also after a highly interactive period with high demonic activity, proves definitively that chroma is not just another form of the color noise typically found in digital media made in low-light environments, as is one misconception; rather, it is indeed an imprint on a digital camera image sensor left by the radiation molecules in a cloaked state emit. As is always the case with images and videos made when the Gates of Hades goes on a bender to beat all benders, people (or parts of people) falling within shadow—which does not necessarily mean dark, but also any area of relative darkness to the significantly brighter light surrounding it—inadvertently give away their demonic possessors (or parts of them), their skin taking on a texture that looks like a flaming fire, and that which it covers taking the form of the devil within.

The following image should show my hand holding a glass of juice, but, rather, shows the hand of an inner demon—not its real color, of course, and minus any detail, except for its shape:

In spite of a protracted effort by demons, my hands and fingers are not yet as deformed as they look; they are also not covered by glowing red tendrils of fire, separated by holes blackened by the absence of reflected or emitted light (the cloaked molecules of a demon do not reflect light, they absorb it, and then emit it at a frequency invisible to human eyes, but visible to CCD digital image sensors)

At first glance, long-time readers may see nothing more than what is shown by the myriad of other images like it: chroma revealing parts of a demon that are equivalent to that of the human it is possessing, and, as many have (and some still do), will dismiss it as color noise due to poor equipment and lighting; however, a closer look at the parts of the hand behind the glass demonstrate a quality unique to light waves, which color noise does not and could not possess: bending.

To explain: it’s true that both chroma and color noise generally saturate an entire image, and that they both change in density and intensity depending on the subjects and objects they cover; but, color noise would never bend like light, as if it were a product of the subject or object it covered, whereas chroma, which is evidence of the product of a certain subject, is its own light, albeit light that only registers with digital cameras (which, for some reason, render it visible in images).

Again, this isn’t gang-busters’ news. The multiplicity of images in which chroma reveals a demon face where a human’s face should be showing should certainly be enough to lend full credibility to the claim that digital media provides visual evidence that chroma is a type of EMF radiation similar to light (in that it leaves an imprint on an image sensor) that is emitted by the cloaked molecules of a possessing demon, and is not a more saturated, denser form of color noise. Where you see chroma, you’re looking at a real thing, and something unique.

Modern scientific theory and practice, applied
The scientific basis for the claims made about the properties exhibited by chroma in its interaction with digital sensors and the human eye is similar to modern scientific theories pertaining to light, and, in particular, theories pertaining to the interaction of light with matter that absorbs and emits it [see The Basics of Light]. It is supported by the equally modern practices of astronomers, who, as a matter of course, apply that theory (i.e., the absorption and emission of light by matter) to also see the unseen [see Imaging, Photometry, and Spectroscopy: the Primary Tools of Astronomy].

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