SCIENCE | Dark-variety demons rely on discharge of excess electrons into humans for possession

06 Apr
An introduction to dark-variety demons
My first encounter with dark-variety demons was somewhere between ages 5 through 8, and I can say that they are as virulent now as they were over 35 years ago. Actually, maybe more so, in that I distinctly remember making peace with the particular dark-variety demons that terrorized me as a child, and then going on my merry way with no further known problems from them.
Until now, that is, as is best shown in this sequence of still frames, in which you can see a dark-variety demon cracking a whip of sorts to my head (third frame from left):
Whatever it was that hit my head…
…uncoiled in the air like a whip…
…and was thrown by this dark-variety demon [read related story]…
…and which can takes on the dragon-head of the demon possessing it
This particular image showing a dark-variety is best viewed after seeing the first two images I obtained of him about a day prior:
The pointy hat and equally pointy nose, followed by a pair of very pronounced and pursed lips (far right) make this dark-variety demon look like a Halloween witch
The dark-variety demon had moved to the middle of the room in 1/30 of a second, meaning that this variety can “alter the flow of time” around them (these are my words; however, quantum theory probably has a better name and definition for the phenomenon when a demon moves as if time is accelerated only for him, while the rest of the world moves at a normal pace, and while the demon’s perception of time is normal) [see VIDEO | Demons can alter the flow of time]

The first dark-variety demon to reappear in my life as an adult is shown in my first published video showing demonic activity, The Spectre of Death, in which this embryo-shaped demon hovers over his shoulder; the second time, this same demon appeared very briefly in another video, sans Spectre [see Demonic associate of Spectre of Death revealed in new video].

How dark-variety demons possess (or tether) to humans and the like
Two key observations made of dark-variety demons, which span my entire life, suggests how they (and other non-humanoid demons) possess people. How any fourth-dimensional (or quantum) entities stay anchored to the ground and how they are carried by a human (or animal) they possess when they remain in their quantum state (i.e., virtually weightless and without mass) is important to know in order to find a cure for the demonic plague.

In the past, I suggested that centurion and other humanoid demons use sucker demons in order to possess people [see SCIENCE | Sucker demons, humans must facilitate demonic possession cooperatively, in tandem]; unfortunately, that leaves out every other demon that was not made in the likeness of God [read Genesis 1:26], and whose anatomy may not be as compatible with humans as centurion demons’ (in other words, sucker demons can facilitate connections between a human and a demon similar to a human, but cannot connect a ten-tentacled demon to a two-legged human; their respective motor control signals cannot be translated sensibly).
So how do demons unable to use sucker demons connect to humans? Such demons tether to humans using the natural attraction of their respective electric fields and relative conductivity of the human body. Specifically, it is the movement of the electrical charge from the demon to the human that creates the force that binds them together. This is not a case of opposites attract. To connect to a human, a dark-variety demon must build up an excess of electrons in its body, which are then transferred via the semi-conductor that is the human body when the demon enters the electric field of the human.

What all that means is, is that an electrician might be able to solve your demon problem—although not permanently—perhaps by suggesting a way to build up an even greater excess of electrons in a possessed human. Because it is the movement of electrons from the demon to the human that creates the connection (or tether). This occurs, in part, due to the disparity in the degree of their respective charges (the demon’s excess of electrons as compared to the human’s relatively neutral—but positive—charge). Presumably, that would stop the flow of electrons from the demon to the human, and the connection would be broken.

NOTE | Because the conductivity of demons is not known, it is possible that a human could pick up demons by charging himself up if they are, in fact, semi-conductors or conductors. Of course, as soon as the human touched a screw in a light switch or someone’s ear, that connection would be broken. Electrical build-up is too tempting for a human not to use it in one of these ways.

These particular observations made of dark-entity demons pertain to a dark-varieties’ demons apparent electrical properties and their preferred pose for my camera:

  1. Dark-variety demons are electric, literally. The excess of electrons in their bodies is so great, that you and everything around you takes on an electrical smell, similar to a blow dryer that when it overheats, or like a electric race car track that’s been run for hours on end; and, they feel fuzzy to the touch, which is accompanied by the pops and crackling sound of static electricity (but much stronger than what you feel when running your hands through clothes that just came out of the dryer).

NOTE | Could be ozone, too, which is emitted by industrial transformers used by electric companies, which were a recurring element of my demon-related “nightmares” as a child.

  1. They always appear to be standing sideways in every digital image in which they appear. Although demons are capable of amazing feats like this, that’s too much to be a coincidence. Plus, the fact that they plan to do this (or have done this) is never announced or otherwise mentioned when it happens; so, I’m assuming there’s another reason for it, perhaps, a scientific one. If so, then perhaps the merged magnetic fields of the demon and the human form poles (like the North Pole and the South Pole). When a dark-variety demon is tethered to a human, their combined magnetic field forms such poles; because the demon is more susceptible to this force than a human, the demon is more likely than not to be forced into the position in which it is found in photographs (like the needle in a compass). So, as long as the human is the photographer of the demon, a dark-variety demon will always be facing sideways in any photos showing it.

Other important implications of the dark-variety demon possession theory 
This theory about possession by electric field attraction suggests why demons possess people, particularly, to remain present in the third-dimension without drifting away. In their usual state of being, they are not subject to the law of gravity; although some can alter that state, they can’t do everything they are used to doing without reverting to their normal selves. In short, they have to stick to something, preferably, something in the same shape as they are. This, in turn, implies that every demon is in possession of (or tethered to) a human, animal or object. Most demons wouldn’t tell you where they sleep at night; but, if you knew who (or what) a given demon possessed, you might be able to solve some of life’s greatest problems somewhat easier than most people think, let’s just say.

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