Supreme Court refers bogus attorney complaint to NYC district attorney

06 Feb

The Department Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme Court in New York confirmed by letter that Gil Kreiter, the attorney who lied repeatedly about the status of a lawsuit that ruffled so many demons’ feathers, is, in fact, not an attorney. This fact was previously disclosed to me by my online stalker, as is shown in CRIME | Anonymous e-mailer claims NYC attorney is a fraud, in which the stalker calls me “totally dumb” for hiring Mr. Kreiter.

The letter also stated that my complaint will be referred to the District Attorney of New York County, Special Prosecutions Bureau:

A letter from the disciplinary committee of the Supreme Court in New York, stating that it is referring my complaint to the local district attorney’s office

Even though Mr. Kreiter was forwarded a copy of the complaint made to the disciplinary committee, he lied about the status of a pending judgment suit in which he is my attorney as recently as two weeks ago:

Gmail James Bush <>

Bush v Bickel
1 message

Gil Kreiter <> Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 9:31 AM

Reply-To: Gil Kreiter <>
To: James Bush <>, Mark Shapiro <>

I have sent the Interrogatories to the Indiana Court to serve
on her bank.  I will let you know when they issue the writ of

In the above e-mail, Mr. Kreiter essentially states that the case is moving forward, and is in the collections phase when, in fact, the defendant has not even been served.

This is not his first lie about the case that cost a person collaborating with demons $7,000 for stealing a computer that contained evidence to be used against others collaborating with them in a then-pending federal civil case [see CRIME | New York attorney lies for demons, secretly married mother evades service of summons].
In my complaint to the Department Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme Court in New York, the state in which Mr. Kreiter resides and works, I list every lie and recount my dealings with him in detail [see CRIME | Complaint filed with NYC Bar Association against demon-allied attorney]:
To the extent that he works for demons has not been determined; however, it is only demons that have sworn that I would never be successful at making any money [see Demons block money-saving/making, job-search efforts], even if a court of law rendered a judgment in my favor, as it has in this case:
In fact, demons explicitly stated that both Mr. Kreiter and Mr. Shapiro are both aware of their involvment, and would not cooperate with anyone but them in the handling of this case, which is exactly what has happened in every civil and criminal case I’ve been involved in.

As I already pointed out, even the anonymous e-mailer knew that Mr. Kreiter was not an attorney, calling me out on it in one his e-mail tirades sent last month [see also CRIME | Anonymous e-mailer claims damaged genitals preclude salvation]; however, like most people (and demons), he failed to see the point in letting my enemy make these kinds of mistakes.

To elaborate: I hired Mark Shapiro ( to collect a judgment debt for me, who then referred me to Gil Kreiter. Knowing the city of San Jose’s ties to demons, the fact that demons have gone to extensive lengths to prevent me from obtaining any money at all, I don’t think it’s “totally dumb” to make an effort, anyway, and especially to detect persons involved with demon-led crime by interacting with them, even if you know you won’t get the service you’re seeking (if your goal is, in fact, to uncover demon-human criminal activity).

I only wrote the complaint to the disciplinary committee after my letters and phone calls to the district attorney were ignored. At that time, I had hoped that the Supreme Court would refer the complaint to the district attorney on my behalf, and that, accordingly, it would not be ignored.

To-date, however, I have not received any response from the district attorney’s office.


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4 responses to “Supreme Court refers bogus attorney complaint to NYC district attorney

  1. Rich Askew

    January 16, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    I have had the same experience with both Shapiro and Kreiter in hopes they would collect a $700k judgment on the Stockart vs Engle case.

    This process has stolen 8 mo of time. Is their anything I can do legally to recover any of my valuable opportunity costs from these scumbags?


    Richard Askew

    • theoknock

      July 4, 2014 at 3:10 am

      Sorry for the delay in my response. My primary site is at:

      WordPress is more like my backup, just in case…

      Be sure to contact the D.A. in New York and Santa Clara County. I’d be VERY interested in helping you: 408-685-4049.

  2. dorothy mezs

    November 11, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    I too was referred to Gil Kreiter by Mark Shapiro of judgement buy for help with enforcing a judgement. I sent all my information and not long after Was unable to get in touch with either of them. They completely ripped me off.

    • theoknock

      November 11, 2015 at 3:20 pm

      Not to sound overly (and therefore strangely) generous, but I can you prepare the legal documents necessary to enforce the judgment for you. If you’re in Santa Clara County, I can even help you file the papers, and go through the courtroom process with you. It’s really simple, and you don’t need Mark or Gil for it. It only takes a few minutes, and, all this, for free. I wouldn’t expect (nor accept) any compensation—and I mean that. The courts are for people, and I loathe how inaccessible they’ve become.

      The results of my own work are at:

      As you can see, I was successful in doing for myself what neither Mark nor Gil were willing to do.

      I’m a little concerned, by the way, about “They completely ripped me off.” What do you mean? They work on contingency, right? That means you should not have given them any money up-front…

      By the way, the WordPress site is kind of like a backup for the main blog at:

      If you found other portions of the blog interesting to you, and you want to always read the latest as soon as it’s posted, go there.

      Give me a call at 408) 685-4049 if you want to start the Enforcement of Judgment process.

      Take care,



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