SECRET VIDEO | Demons instruct woman borrowing laptop to hack it

09 Aug

On the fourth day of the Voices Demons-led “Anger Management Ritual”, I accidentally turned on my iSight camera on my MacBook Air, and then lent it to a human collaborator, who worked on my laptop, while I laid on a nearby couch pulling sucker demons out of my pillow, sheets, clothes, ears, eyes, mouth, nose and anus on a non-stop basis for nearly 10 hours.

The first 5 minutes or so of this video is of me lending my laptop to a woman, who later turned out to possibly be possessed by a hobgoblin demon. It starts by me logging on and checking the network connection for her, after which I pass the computer on to her. Both of us are in the same room with another human collaborator—a man who can be seen in Night of the Gun Chase—both of them allegedly friends; but, when I leave the room, they address each other as co-workers getting paid to help demons hurt me, which is what is going on the entire time I am there.
Note how they talk to me versus how they talk to each other when I am not in the room. Also, skim the video frame-by-frame to find still frames with demons in them. They, and everyone else, act like they can’t hear or see them; but, they can, obviously, if the camera can.

Also note the fact that the man in the bedroom starts talking to someone else after the woman left with my laptop. Apparently, the flit of black behind her was a black-cloaked demon, who must have asked him to give her the mouse, even though he initially said that he was going to use it. She had the mouse later, so he must have given it to her.

All this means is what you should have already figured out: I was in a house with two other people and who-knows-how-many demons.

The problem with this video is, although you can see people talking, you can’t see the demons—at least not very well. I don’t know how it’s done, but, in this video, and in every other video made, demons somehow manage to keep to the periphery of the screen most of the time, and with no small effort.

In the rare instances when you manage to face a demon with the camera, you can only see the demon if the camera is panning across them. If the camera is motionless, you will not see the demon, but probably a piece of furniture or article of clothing or tree or the like that looks similar in coloring and size and shape to the demon, but like it should, otherwise.

It turns out that the 8 hours she used my laptop wasn’t just playing games and checking her e-mail, but also modifying system files related to remote desktop access, which doesn’t surprise me; and, I’m glad I wasn’t knocked out this time so this could be done.

They do this to make my video/audio files less viewable/audible, erase files, etc; they also modify this blog in order to make them sound awkward and strange. I’ve lost really good footage of demons, and the good ones I have are practically unwatchable now; but, although I’d prefer that not to happen, there is no point in being as convincing and presentable as I can with my data because the point of the blog is not for other people, but for me. This is because the demons keep my life in a constant state of drama—not so much with actual events (although some bad things have happened)—but with threats and assaults and hunger and homelessness and health (now) and other things that I can’t really ponder on any one event and make solutions out of information I’ve collected over time.

So, that’s the point; plus, it would be nice for people who don’t already know what/who they are and what they do to be forewarned, and for people not fully in the know to be fully apprised of what’s happening, so that inadvertent sin does not become a problem for them on Judgement Day.


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2 responses to “SECRET VIDEO | Demons instruct woman borrowing laptop to hack it

  1. Blanca Boxer

    October 7, 2012 at 9:56 pm

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  2. Blanca Boxer

    October 7, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    696969696969696969696969 Illegal Jefferson Videos 696969696969696969696969This dude is full of sh*%. the only demon that is going on is in James Bush's head. How rediculous to proclaim demons at this address 1355 Jefferson St. Because what James did was illegally made these video's at this address with out obtaining consent from any of the characters portrayed in the illegal Jefferson videos. James's I sure hope that the woman in this video or any of the other characters filmed or audio heard in the illegal Jefferson videos doesn't take legal action out on this matter. You would hate to lose everything again. The only thing that these illegal Jefferson videos do is show his claims to demons is de-funked and what a very creative imagination Mr. Bush has. So James when you read this you need to take this part of your blog needs to be shutdown about 1355 Jefferson St. because your claims are false and the characters in the illegal Jefferson videos have not agreed with you in any form or given their consent to you for the use of their images or use of audio.


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