Nature of the Demon Cloak Revealed

14 Apr

A demon’s cloak is always partially visible to varying degrees, and how well a demon can cloak is determined by two factors: the variety of demonic entity they belong to and their individual capabilities, such as size and mental acuity. For example:

  • The larger a demon is, the easier it is to see, no matter what variety it is (however, it may still be relatively undetectable, due to each varieties’ ability to cloak); and,
  • If a demon is caught off-guard or is evading a fast-moving camera, the visibility of their cloak is greater due to the distraction caused by a shift in focus from cloaking to evading.

The latter suggests that cloaking is initiated and maintained in the mind. Another factor that suggests that a cloak is a biological function in nature is that the cloak of each demon variety looks different.

Here’s a list of demonic entities, followed by the appearance of their cloaks:
  • The white-masked demons in black cloaks (as well a particular variety of the human-looking demons) are almost completely invisible, but can be seen when the light reflecting off of them is bent (or filtered) before it reaches your eyes or a camera. Since that only happens when they (and/or you) are in fast motion, a camera—and not the eye—is the only way to see one of these when cloaked; and, even then, you have to know where they are and where they’re headed. In other words, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing that you catch an image of one.
This image was captured when I accidentally took a picture while walking fast and carrying a camera at the same time
A demon’s arm is shown in a still frame from a video in fast motion, reaching for me from around a corner in my home
  • The Jawa-looking demons in black cloaks of the glowing-eyes variety, and the kind that wear the garish white masks, are completely invisible, except for their blur of motion, unless you capture them with a camera medium that is sensitive to the type of radiation they emit; and, because they move so fast, only fast-motion photography—or a photo at just the right moment (see below)—can hope to capture them. Even still, I was able to capture one still frame of this type of demon, while cloaked and in motion; like all other demons emitting radiation, it looks cartoonish (or over saturated in color:
    • The similar-looking—but otherwise very different—white-masked variety of this demon can also  be completely invisible, except for a very faint, blue-tinted aura that looks more like an afterimage left in your vision during and after staring at something bright for too long.
    • In Sucker Demon Sent to Punish Caught on Video, a cloaked sucker demon snakes around my head and then oozes down my neck as I try to capture it with my camera. It looks like all sucker demon’s cloak, which looks like a faint, white, cloudy aura.

      NOTE | A special filter-processing technique was used in this video to highlight the cloaked demon, and was also used to highlight another demon in the still frame below; this technique is shown in Blending Quicktime Video Layers to Penetrate Demon Cloaks.

      Fast-motion on the part of the subject and my camera, as well as video-filter post-processing, revealed this cloaked demon in a still frame
    Precautions indicate awareness of vulnerability, limits of cloak
    The fact that virtually no demon can become completely invisible in every situation may be why darkness and black clothing are preferable for travel and other activities; specifically, that preference suggests that they are aware of the limits of their cloak, and that these two precautions are taken due to vulnerability to injury or death (of course, nighttime and black clothing go hand-in-hand with evil activity, too). Also, if cloaking requires concentration of effort, darkness affords them less mental strain.

    Cloaks can enhance, diminish vulnerability in combat
    But, even if they do have a soft-spot to protect, they have no issues with self-confidence, which, by the way, is nothing like bravery, but more like confidence through anger. Still, when fighting, some use their cloak in the approach—not only to launch a surprise attack, but to cause panic in their adversary. Specifically, they will show themselves, aggressively postured, just long enough to convey their deadly intentions; then, using their telepathy, they then cloak themselves the instant you become aware of your perilous circumstance, known that losing sight of a deadly enemy in combat would cause anyone alarm.

    This is more of a compensation, though, for the limits the concentration required to maintain a cloak imposes on a demon’s ability to fight effectively.

    The role of light in penetrating a cloak
    Examining the role of light plays is necessary in order to devise ways to penetrate a cloak (i.e., seeing it with your eyes or camera); but, you must first determine the source of the light you see. There are three possible sources:

    1. The cloak is transforming the light that filters through it—that means that you are seeing some light reflecting off the demon;
    2. The cloak is emitting its own light—that means it is comprised of other types of radiation or energy, which could be detected with specialized equipment; or,
    3. Both of these—that means you can get a clearer picture by way of more available light and radiation data.

    NOTE | You will know if a cloak is emitting light if you can also see it in the dark; but, if it appears diminished in brightness (but is otherwise still visible), then you know it both reflects and emits light. 

    Knowing this helps in the detection and visualization of cloaked demons, which may lead to other observations and data needed to develop defenses against physical demonic attack, although, the only way to avoid falling prey to the Devil’s schemes is to “hear and obey.” [Luke 11:28]

    More later…


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