Cloaked demon claims trachea squeezed shut

26 Mar

Today, a demon, in a whirlwind of chroma that characterizes demons when cloaked, rose about 5 feet from the floor, its head an unfamiliar variation of an all too familiar dragon-like mug, either bragged about something it did egregious to me while I was rendered unconscious in the past, or something it is so sure it is going to do in the future that it is already claiming responsibility for it in the present—specifically, that he “masturbated my trachea into a cone while I slept.” The Voices Demons translated this as meaning that he squeezed (or will squeeze) my windpipe closed. Maybe that’s why I have extreme difficulty breathing sometimes these days (whereas, before, that was never a problem).

VIDEO | To comprehend the same credibility of the demon’s claim, see what at least two demons did with my unconscious form in Assault by Demonic Intruders, shot by the demons themselves using my cellphone camera, which is available on my Vimeo page.

The new demon said this today, with his fist clenched in front of my face, after floating over to me as I sat at my dining table trying in vain to connect my laptop to the Internet, which the demons claim to have shut me out of for the time being (indeed, last night, they shut my heater on and off seconds after announcing their intention to do so as a demonstration; and, in the past, they demonstrated once that they can accelerate my Internet access three-fold on both my laptop and cellphone at will. Therefore, it’s not inconceivable that they can control the Internet connection itself, as well).

The faux pax that cultivated this particular demon’s ire, also explained by the Voices Demons, was “fighting back against the demons standing outside the (not your) front window last night.” The rationale, they stated, is that, “as a pedophile, [I am] not allowed to fight back against anything they do to me.” I think he said that just to make me mad; I think I’ll vanquish him someday.

NOTE | I don’t accept that rationale, even if I were a pedophile. Even pedophiles, I assume, take a day off, whereas these demons murder, torture, maim and otherwise assault to the most egregious degree imaginable without ever stopping, even to sleep. And, besides, these are crimes, too, just like sexual assault. Moreover, like pedophiles, they perpetrate these acts on children, just as others of their kind did to me at ages 5 through 8, some of whom the current band of demonic entities have reintroduced to me (as a shocking, “scary maneuver against [my] psyche”), and have accordingly indicated their kinship with them. 

I’ve decided that, when it comes to punishment for crimes, I’m only about that which is prescribed by law—ours and God’s; that means the lawfully prescribed punishment for the actual commission of a crime, and not one’s propensity—or suspected propensity—for committing a crime, especially in the absence of actually having committed one. I don’t want any occasion to dedicate my existence to gore around the clock. There are things I’m deadset against; but, I refuse to allow it make me into an Adolph Hitler-like monster.

Actually having had the occasion to give this considerable thought in the nearly six years I have been subjected to 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year of constant talking at me (even at night when I get out of bed to use the bathroom), consisting mostly of threats and the aforestated accusation, I could never be about balancing two evils and then permitting the one who perpetrated lesser to engage in heinous and carnal acts against the greater on a literal non-stop basis until the greater died from it. That, by the way, is actually the Voices Demons stated intention with respect to me, and they have done nothing to show that they will do any less than just said. On this topic, I am okay with anyone being fanatically passionate about protecting children from sex predators; but, I think spending all your time keeping an eye on your kids is far preferable than not, and yet even more preferable to committing around-the-clock crimes against humanity for years at a time.

But, in spite of their almost constant protestation to the contrary that the reason they proffer is not the actual reason (sometimes, they do admit it), I don’t think demons need or want a reason as much as they need and want us to have one. This, I think, is then used by us to justify our acquiescence or participation in acts of evil, and to otherwise appease our conscious.

But, the reason proffered by this particular demon contained neither the word “fag” nor “pedophile,” but, rather, according to the Voices Demons, stemmed from last night’s flaming of three name-calling demons perched outside my front window, which is described in detail in Three name-calling demons ‘flamed’ last night. Apparently, it is an associate of those demons.

After he declared that my trachea had been shut, and after I determined he had nothing more to say, I returned to my work; but, not even a few seconds later, a felt a burning and tingling sensation that felt like it was located inside my skull, just under the bone. That scared me, so I grabbed the lighter and hairspray immediately and went to work on three of four of them.

That happened not 30 minutes after I had already done the same to a demon who perches on top of my cubby for having gone after my left eye in the same way (see Left eye focus of demonic assault); and, it was not an hour or so after hobgoblins, the arbitrary name I have given to demons that look like Jawas from Star Wars (see Jawa-like demons with glowing red eyes needle shoulder, trap muscles).

UPDATE | The Voices Demons, as I wrote this blog, finally clarified that this demon had already squeezed my trachea shut after rendering me unconscious, and that there are several demons that do it on occassion because they like to watch me fight for my life in that state. A gastroenterologist once told me after performing an endoscopy that I should inform the next doctor who performs the same procedure to administer double anesthesia; apparently, I fought back as he attempted to guide the scope down my esophagus. So, I guess it’s possible.

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